SHOPPER ARMY CANADA: New Mission; Complete Recent Purchases Survey & Earn 25¢ Free | Canadian Rebate Opportunity, December 2020

Shopper Army Canada New Mission Complete Survey Earn Cash Back Money Free Canadian Rebate Opportunity - Glossense

New Shopper Army Mission: Complete survey & earn 25¢ – for free!

Check your Missions’ Dashboard and look for the latest mission titled, “3-minute Survey – Earn $0.25″.

3-minute Survey – Earn $0.25

Get rewarded by completing this short survey about your recent purchases. You will receive $0.25 upon completion. This survey closes once we have reached our quota. Open this mission to get started.”

Registered members: Log in now and check your dashboard for the latest mission.

Not yet a member? Click here to join Shopper Army!

This mission may be available to select registered members only. If this mission displays in your dashboard, follow the steps that are provided. Upon successful completion of this mission, you’ll be rewarded with 25¢ – for free!

Please complete this survey as soon as you can.”

What is Shopper Army?

Shopper Army gives YOU the opportunity to try new products for free in exchange for your honest opinion, earn rewards for completing surveys and sharing other shopping experiences, and earn free cash back as you shop. Plus – it’s Canadian! 😀

Interest piqued? Click here to join Shopper Army!

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