MAC COSMETICS CANADA: New MAC Lover Member Benefits & Points System Now Available | 2021 Canadian Beauty Loyalty Reward Program

MAC Cosmetics Canada New Year 2021 Loyalty Points Program Canadian Update - Glossense

MAC Cosmetics’ MAC Lover Loyalty Reward Program just got a glow up! ūüėÄ

“You spoke. We listened. And now, we‚Äôre so excited to introduce loyalty points!

Earn a point for every dollar you spend, then exchange your points for most-loved products and exclusive experiences. As a M‚ąôA‚ąôC Lover, you‚Äôll also continue to enjoy amazing benefits, like Back-To-M¬∑A¬∑C Expanded, special seasonal offers and more.

Do you feel the love? Start redeeming your rewards now!”

MAC’s new Loyalty Program at a gloss:

  • New? Click here to join, and you’ll instantly become a MAC Lover member.
  • Shop a M¬∑A¬∑C Cosmetics owned and operated store in Canada or online at to enjoy member benefits.
  • Tiers:
    • Lover > All new members start here
    • Devoted > Spend $150+ to reach this tier
    • Obsessed > Spend $500+ to reach this tier
  • How it works:
    • First year (The date you joined > December 31): Your spend total determines your tier.
    • After your first year: Tiers are based on your calendar year (January 1 to December 31) spend.
    • Your status is good for one full year after December 31st, but…
    • Each year on January 1, your M¬∑A¬∑C Lover spend total (which determines your tier) will reset.
      • Example:
        • If you join April 24, 2021, and reach Devoted status in September 2021, your status will continue until December 31, 2022.
        • But ‚Äď Beginning January 1, 2022 (and each year thereafter), you’ll need to re-qualify that year to maintain your status into 2023 (and thereafter).
  • Benefits:
    • Each level that you reach offers all new perks and prizes.
      • As a member you can enjoy exclusive benefits and special seasonal offers, participate in Back-to-Mac (NEW – Now tracked!), earn points, redeem for prizes and more as your tier graduates.
        • Devoted and Obsessed members can enjoy a free* birthday gift, early access to new collections and collabs.
        • Obsessed members can enjoy exclusive invites and free express shipping*.
    • Click here to view all member benefits.
  • NEW – Earn loyalty points!
    • You’ll earn one (1) loyalty point for every dollar ($1) that you spend towards qualifying purchases.
    • Plus – Bonus points! Earn double the points or more on select purchases throughout the year.
    • NOTE: Each year on January 1, your M¬∑A¬∑C Lover points will reset to zero if not redeemed.
  • NEW – Ready to redeem? Click here to view all rewards!
    • As a M¬∑A¬∑C Lover, you can exchange the loyalty points you earn for some of MAC’s most-loved products.
      • In-store: For free; As many as you’d like!
      • Online: With a purchase; One per order.
    • NOTE: Each year on January 1, your M¬∑A¬∑C Lover rewards will reset to zero if not claimed.

Got more Q’s? Click here for FULL Mac Lover Loyalty Program FAQs.

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