CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free* High Liner Pan-Sear Selects 2-Fillet Pack or $4 Off Coupon | High Liner Fish Canada, FPC Websaver Coupons

Canadian Freebies Free High Liner Fish - Glossense

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High Liner’s inviting you to try one of their NEW Pan-Sear Selects 2-Fillet packs – for free*!

…because, what beauty enthusiast doesn’t love FREE food? 😀

As featured as an ad on Facebook:

Save on our NEW Pan-Sear SELECTS 2 packs! Restaurant quality, perfect for 2 people.

Catch your coupon before they’re gone.”

*Glossense Note: This ad *just* popped up in my feed, and at the time of this post, only a coupon for $4 off is displaying. Those that have commented below the post, appear to be experiencing the same. This offer may be delayed and may require you to check back. Or, maybe the product is valued at $4 and under? I’m not sure. Worth keeping an eye on. 🙂

To claim your coupon:

  1. You must be a registered Facebook user.
  2. Click below; You’ll then be directed to a specific post that’s hosted on High Liner’s Facebook fan page.
  3. Click on ‘Get Offer’ below the post.
  4. You’ll then be directed to Websaver (through a unique link).
  5. Follow the directions and print your coupon.

While quantities last.