SEPHORA CANADA PROMO CODE: Free Diwali Sample Gift Bag; 11 Samples + MAC Cosmetics Discount Card w/ Purchase | 2020 Canadian GWP Beauty Offers

Sephora Canada Promo Code Free Diwali Sample Gift Bag 2020 Canadian GWP Beauty Offers - Glossense

Sephora’s celebrating Diwali with a free gift!

Shop Sephora Canada online, spend $75 or more, and you can opt to receive a free Diwali goody bag filled with your choice* of foils and deluxe samples!

Plus! In each bag, you’ll receive a MAC Cosmetics discount card to save 15% off your next MAC purchase. ūüėÄ

To take advantage of this promo, enter Sephora Canadian coupon code DIWALIBAG at checkout and you’ll have the opportunity to choose* and add your free sample bag.¬†

*Glossense Notes:

  • Since 3am EST, and at the time of this post, only one sample bag is shown at checkout. TWO sample bags (as stated in Sephora’s advertisement above) should be displayed. This is a Sephora error. At some point, this should be corrected. Please continue to try the code throughout the day until it displays correctly for you.
    • UPDATE | October 24 @ 8:29am ET: Two bags now display! ūüėÄ
  • The above advertisement also states that 11 samples will be included in each bag, however, only 8 samples display in the preview at checkout. I cannot confirm which is true.
    • UPDATE | October 24 @ 8:29am ET: The second bag now shows as an option at checkout; Option #1 contains 8 samples and Option #2 contains 9 samples.

What’s inside each gift bag option? Click below for a closer look.

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