CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Clif Energy Bar Adventure Pack | Clif Bar Canada

Canadian Freebies Free Clif Adventure Pack - Glossense

Clif Bar is giving you three ways to fuel up – for FREE! 😀

“For a limited time, we’re giving away The Ultimate Energy Bar™ as part of three deliciously satisfying pack options made to help fuel adventures big or small.”

As featured on emily.k.9‘s Insta Story, you can score your own Clif Adventure pack (for free!) with her exclusive code. 😀

Here’s how to score your free Clif Adventure Pack:

  2. Click here to visit Clif Adventure Packs.
  3. Review your options and Clif’s FAQs.
  4. Click on ‘SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST’.
  5. Wait for the CLIF Adventure Pack Request form to load.
    • NOTE: Some may see a purple static screen. Have patience. The request form will eventually load. 🙂
  6. Step 1: Contact Information.
    • Complete the CLIF Adventure Pack Request form in full.
    • Choose your preferred Clif Adventure Pack between one of the following:
      • Everyday Adventure
        • Clif Bar Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt
        • Clif Nut Butter Bar Tart Cherry & Cashew Butter
        • Clif Whey Protein Peanut Butter Chocolate
        • + Stickers!
      • Endurance & Recovery
        • Clif Bar Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt
        • Clif Builders Protein Chocolate Mint
        • Clif Bloks Energy Chews Salted Watermelon
        • + Stickers!
      • Family Adventure
        • Clif Bar Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chunk with Sea Salt
        • Clif Bar Sweet & Salty Chocolate Almond Fudge OR Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt
        • Clif Kid ZBar Chocolate Chip
        • Clif Kid ZBar Iced Oatmeal Cookie
        • + Stickers!
    • Enter the CLIF Adventure Pack code emily.k.9 into the requested field.
    • Complete the remaining quiz questions.
  7. Proceed through steps 2 – 4.
    • Step 2: Display Products
      • “Request Products
        If you are selected to receive a CLIF Adventure  Pack, we will notify you of what you are receiving. Thanks!”
    • Step 3: Shipping
      • Complete the form in full with your mailing address.
    • Step 4: Terms & Conditions
      • Accept all Terms and Conditions.
      • “If you are not able to agree to the items below, please do not submit your request as it will not be considered.”
  8. That’s it! Upon submitting your request, you’ll receive the following confirmation:
    • “Thank you for your request! We will review and respond to your request in the next two weeks.”

One application per person or household only. CLIF Adventure Packs are only available within Canada on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.

While quantities last.