CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Lulo Spa Headband | Lulo Skincare Canada

Canadian Freebies Free Lulo Spa Headband - Glossense

I won a free Spa Headband, courtesy of Lulo Skincare – and you can, too! 😀

Here’s how to score your free Spa Headband:

  2. Click here to enter Lulo Skincare’s contest!
    • The contest is your chance to win the grand prize of 3 Lulo Skin products.
    • But! By entering, you then have a chance to score a free Spa headband as a consolation prize. 😉
  3. You need 200 total points to claim your free Spa Headband.
  4. Earn 50 easy points!
    • By entering the contest, sharing to your profile, and by following Lulo Organic skincare on social media, you’ll automatically receive 50 points!
  5. Refer just 10 friends!
    • After you complete step 4, you only need 150 points to reach a total of 200 points.
    • For each friend you refer, you’ll earn 15 points.
    • 15 points x 10 friends = 150 points. 😉 
  6. After you successfully reach 200 points, you’ll automatically receive an e-mail to notify you of your prize!
    • Look for an e-mail with the subject “Hola [YOUR NAME], you just unlocked a reward: FREE Spa Headband!” from Marta Vasquez (The founder of Lulo Organic Skincare). 
    • Reply to the e-mail with your full name and mailing address.
  7. That’s it! 🙂

This offer has been fully tested. After responding to the e-mail, I received a reply today with, “:) You’re welcome! Good luck!” Now, I just await for my free Lulo Spa Headband to arrive in the mail. 🙂

While quantities last.