ELLE CANADA: 2021 Beauty Grand Prix is Back! Registration / Sign-up Opens December 7, 2020 for ELLE Quebec and ELLE Canada | Canadian Product Testing Opportunity

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Elle Canada’s Beauty Grand Prix for 2021 is coming soon! 😀

Save the date!

December 7, 2020

UPDATE @ 3:21pm EST:

Hi everyone! Glossense here. 🙂 I’ve been closely monitoring all since very early this morning and, at this time, a sign-up link for jurors is not yet available. I’ll be posting a follow-up once it does. 😉

Stay tuned to Glossense!
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Oh! And, a shout-out to Theresa Bruce: Hi! Thanks for copying my work. Not appreciated. Next time, please give credit. 🙂


  • December 8, 2020 at 12:30pm EST: Elle’s waiting on approval; It should be live either today or tomorrow.
  • December 9, 2020 at 1:35pm EST: It’s now LIVE! 😀 Click here for full details.

What is Elle’s Beauty Grand Prix? How does it work?

Each year, Elle Quebec and Elle Canada magazines seek out 600 jurors (men and women) across Canada, to blindly test the best products in the beauty industry and are asked to choose their favourites – for free! 😀

Beginning December 7, 2020, you will have the opportunity to apply to become a part of a product testing jury, by registering / signing-up and completing Elle’s Beauty Grand Prix questionnaire.

Following your application, here’s how it works and a look at what you can expect:

At a Gloss:

  • Sign-up is not yet open; Registration begins December 7, 2020*
    *As confirmed from an amazing source. Thank you, Jane! ❤
  • On December 7, 2020, click here to sign-up;
  • Registration closes [Date to be announced]
  • Jury members will be selected by the answers provided to the questionnaire.
  • Selected jurors will be notified by e-mail (typically in January)
  • If selected, confirm your participation ASAP
  • “Each member of the jury will receive concealed beauty products and will have 11 weeks to test and evaluate these products by completing an online logbook.”
  • Testing period will run from [Date to be announced]
  • Return logbook by [Date to be announced]
  • “Jury members will be able to keep the products after the testing period is over.”
  • Elle’s Beauty Grand Prix Winners will be announced later in the year.
    • “The products that have the best average will be named as big winners in their category.”

If selected:

  • You will be notified by e-mail and will be required to confirm your participation.
  • You will receive a random selection of concealed products from any of the following categories:
    •  Face:
      • Anti-aging day cream, Anti-aging night cream, Day serum, Eye contour care, Eye mask patches, Face mist, Face oil, Face scrub, Face solar protection, Face wash, Lip balm, Makeup remover, Moisturizing day cream, Moisturizing sheet mask, Night serum, Toning lotion
    • Make-up: 
      • Concealer, Eyebrow products, Eyeliner (pencil), Eyeshadow palette, Illuminator, Lipstick (red), Liquid eyeliner, Mascara, Nail polish (red), Products to set makeup, Tinted cream
    • Hair: 
      • Dry shampoo, Hair mask, Hair Oil, Hairstyling products, Shampoo and conditioner – coloured hair, Shampoo and conditioner – damaged hair, Shampoo and conditioner – non-coloured hair
    • Body:
      • Body lotion, Body scrub, Body wash, Deodorant / antiperspirant, Dry body oil, Hand cream, Self-tanner
    • Men:
      • After-shave, Face wash, Moisturizing face cream
  • “You agree to test, comment and evaluate – within the allotted time period – the beauty products that will be sent to you by ELLE Quebec/ELLE Canada, and to return the completed logbook” by the set date (TBA).

Excited? Me too! 😀

Stay tuned to Glossense for more details and the latest scoop! 😉