CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Box of Cheez-It Crackers | Cheez-It Canada ‘Cheeme’ Promotion

Canadian Freebies Free Box of Cheez It Crackers Meme - Glossense

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Cheez-It invites you to become a ‘cheemelord’!

Create your own meme ‘cheeme’, share it, and you’ll score a FREE box of Cheez-It Crackers! ūüėÄ

‚Ķbecause, what beauty enthusiast doesn‚Äôt love FREE food? ūüėÄ

Here’s how!

  1. Click here to start.
  2. Accept Cheez-It’s Terms and Conditions to begin.
  3. Create your own meme!
    • Not sure how? Follow Cheez-It’s Tutorial:
      1. “To make it both easier and cheesier on you, we made the stock Cheemes. Make it your own by adding your own text or stickers from our library.
      2. Like their Meme cousins, Cheez-it* Cheemes are only as good as their captions. Write your own unique caption using this caption dialogue box.
      3. Add that internetty x-factor to make your meme over the top. Add stickers to your layout, or click ‚Äúdanker‚ÄĚ to see what happens.”
  4. Click on ‘MAKE IT!’
  5. Share your meme! Choose one:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Download4TheGram (Instagram)
  6. Claim your coupon for a free* box of Cheez-It Crackers (191 g to 200 g).
    • *While supplies last.
    • *When supply runs out, you’ll alternatively receive a coupon to save $1 off.
  7. Await 4-6 weeks for your coupon(s) to arrive in the mail!

“Share your Cheeme to redeem a coupon between Apr. 19/21 ‚Äď Dec. 31/21, or while quantities last. First 20,000 coupons for a box of Cheez-It* crackers (191 g to 200 g). Remaining 60,000 coupons for $1 off a box of Cheez-It* crackers (191 g to 200 g). Limit of 3 coupons per participant per 14-day period. Coupons expire Jan. 31/22. Open to Canadian residents; must be age of majority. By sharing your Cheeme, you agree that Kellogg can use your Cheeme and/or post for promotional purposes. Click here for full terms.”

While quantities last.