BEAUTY NEWS: Allure Beauty Box Now Ships to Canada | Canadian Beauty Subscription Box [PAUSED – See Updates]

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Canadians, get excited; You can now enjoy all of Allure’s favourite products – Shipped to you in Canada! 😀

The Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box that’s fully curated by Allure’s editors.

“We want our subscribers to benefit from the editors’ beauty expertise and top products the editors have access to.”

…and now, Canadians can benefit, too! 😀


May 1, 2021: It’s been brought to my attention that Allure’s Beauty Box subscription form no longer shows Canada as a shipping option. I’ve reached out to Allure and will follow-up with updates as I know more.

May 2, 2021: At this time, Allure Beauty Box has ceased sales outside of the US. I will continue to post updates below as I know more.

May 4, 2021: The following comment was posted by Allure on Facebook:

“We are sorry that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to fulfill Allure Beauty Box subscription requests in Canada at this time. If you subscribed, you will receive an email notifying you that our subscription has been canceled and you will not receive boxes going forward. If you enrolled in our monthly plan, your credit card will no longer be charged, and you will be refunded for any unshipped boxes. If you enrolled in our quarterly or annual plan, you will be refunded the amount of your payment less the prorated amount for any shipped boxes. We are working to resolve these issues and will contact you once we can resume fulfilling box orders in Canada. Thank you.”

As an Allure Beauty Box subscriber, you’ll receive a curated selection of Allure-approved makeup and skincare picks, each month, and delivered straight to your door.

What’s inside each Allure Beauty Box?

  • Only expert-approved products, hand-selected by Allure editors
    • “Our editors select a mix of luxury and indie brands for each box. Sometimes we include a bonus product (or two) from a mass brand as a free gift to you.”
  • 6 or more beauty products (at least 3 FULL-SIZE) valued at $100+ USD.
    • New Members: “You will receive the products shown on the website when you signed up.” 
    • Ongoing Members:
      • “Most members will receive the same products with little or no variation. To the extent that there is variation, the specific variation you receive will be a surprise when your box arrives.”
      • “Renewing members may receive some products that vary from those posted on the website, to ensure that they do not receive repeat products.”
        • “In months with significant variation, renewing members will find a link on the website (below the new member products) showing them a list of all possible products they might receive.”
    • Note: “Sheet masks or makeup brushes will not be counted as 1 of the 3 promised full-size products. If they are included, it will be in addition to.”
  • + An Allure Beauty Box mini-magazine, “featuring a letter from the editor, product reviews, and tips for using each product”.


As a new subscriber, you’ll also receive Allure’s New Member Gift (valued at $15 USD or more!) – for FREE!

Click here to sign-up today and you’ll score a FREE Anastasia Glow Kit! 😀

“Your gift with purchase will be included in your first box. Occasionally, depending on the timing of your order and the size of the gift with purchase, it may ship separately. Your welcome email will generally note which mode of shipping you should expect. If your gift with purchase ships separately, you can expect it within 4-6 weeks.”

How much does the Allure Beauty Box cost for Canadians?

As a monthly subscriber, you’ll be billed $23 USD a month + $5 USD to ship to Canada = $28 USD every month.

To convert into CAD, click here to use Glossense’s Currency Calculator.

At the time of this post, $28 USD = Approx. $34.70 CAD + A 3% conversion fee = Approx. $35.90 CAD.

Alternatively, you can opt to be billed every 3 months, or annually (every 12 months), and save a bit more. 😉

• Monthly: $23 USD + $5 USD S&H = $28 USD / mo
• 3 Months: $65 USD + $15 USD S&H = $80 USD = $26.67 USD / mo*
Yearly: $250 USD + $60 USD S&H = $310 USD = $25.83 USD / mo*

*These amounts are to show a comparison of your options and are reflective of your savings, when the prepaid amount is divided by 3 or 12 months.

…The Canadian dollar is high right now at 81¢, that if you prepay 3 months or yearly, you lock in extra savings, if/when our dollar drops. 😉

Interest piqued?

Click here to subscribe to Allure’s Beauty Box!