CANADIAN FREEBIES: Join Schneiders Community & Score Free $20 Gift Cards w/ Participation | Canadian Panel Loyalty Program

Schneiders Community Canada Free Gift Cards - Glossense

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Join the Schneiders Community; Connect. Savour. Then, score FREE $20 gift cards! ūüėģ ūüėÄ

…With your chosen gift card(s), you can score free beauty products, food, books, novelty, household decor, essentials, and more! ūüėÄ

The Schneiders’ community gives you the opportunity to connect as a member, complete surveys, and share your thoughts on new and current Schneiders products, topics that interest the community ‚Äď and you! ūüėÄ

As an active member, you’ll then score points by participating and completing activities, which can then be redeemed towards your choice of gift card!


  2. How it works:
    1. Click below to request an invitation; Simply provide your e-mail address, and I’ll send you an invite. ūüôā
    2. You join.
    3. You participate.
    4. You’ll earn points / credits.
    5. 1 point = $1 earned.
      • To claim a $10 gift card = You only need 10 points!
      • To claim a $20 gift card = You only need 20 points!
  3. Referral Perk: Score 10 bonus points with my referral e-mail;
    • > When asked, “Were you referred by a member of the Schneiders Community to complete this survey?”
    • > Enter into the provided field.
    • > You’ll then score 10 bonus points!
  4. To start, you must first complete a 5 minute survey;
    • This will give Schneiders “a general idea of who you are and how you shop”.
    • “Your responses will be used to determine whether you qualify to be a part of our community.”
    • Near the end of the survey, it’ll ask for a referral e-mail. ūüėČ
  5. Qualified? Congrats!
    • “Be on the lookout for a verification email in your inbox to join the community.”
    • You must verify your e-mail address.
    • “Once you are done, you will be ready to receive notifications for upcoming activities where you can start earning credits!”
  6. As a Schneiders Community Member:
    1. Log-in.
    2. If you used my referral (, you’ll see 10 bonus points! ūüėÄ
    3. Complete the Welcome survey = 3 points.
    4. Participate in activities and you’ll gain more points!
      • Click on ‘Topics’, and with every answer that you provide = 1 additional point.
      • Complete 7 (or more) Topics = 7 points.
    5. 20 Points (10 + 3 + 7) = a $20 gift card of your choice! ūüėÄ
      …or, just by joining with my referral, you can redeem 10 points towards a $10 gift card. ūüôā
    6. Click on ‘Rewards’ and redeem!
    7. Enjoy; You’ll immediately be e-mailed the gift card that you chose! ūüėÄ

Current Canadian gift card options* include:

  • $10 Apple iTunes Canada Gift Card
  • $10 Cara Operations Limited Gift Card;
    • The Ultimate Dining Gift Card, can be used at the following participating locations: Swiss Chalet, Pickle Barrel, Milestones, East Side Mario‚Äôs, Montana‚Äôs BBQ and BAR, Kelseys Original Roadhouse, Harvey‚Äôs, Bier Markt, New York Fries, Fionn MacCools, D‚ÄôArcy McGee‚Äôs, Paddy Flaherty‚Äôs, Tir nan Og, Original Joe‚Äôs, Elephant and Castle, State and Main, and the Landing Group of Restaurants.
  • $20 Gift Card
  • $20 Hudson’s Bay Company Gift Card
  • $20 Jack Astors Bar & Grill Gift Card
  • $20 Visa Prepaid Gift Card
  • $20 Indigo Canada Gift Card
  • $20 Tim Hortons Gift Card
  • $20 Walmart Canada Gift Card

*While quantities last.

All set? ūüôā