CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Package of Black-Eyed Susan Flower Seeds | Canadian Wildlife Federation #canada

Canadian Freebies Free Black Eyed Susan Seeds Wildlife Federation 2021 - Glossense

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Spring into action, take the pledge to #DoMoreForWildlife, and the Canadian Wildlife Federation will send you a free package of Black-Eyed Susan seeds! ūüėÄ

Click below to claim yours, and upon successful submission, you’ll receive the following confirmation message:

You’ve Planted a Seed for Change!

Thank you for your pledge to help Canada’s wildlife. By planting a seed for pollinators, birds, shorelines and even knowledge, your actions benefit all of our neighbours.

If you requested a seed package, you should receive it in the mail shortly. If you do not receive it be June 2021, please let us know.

Learn more about how you can¬†connect with nature¬†or¬†other CWF programs.”

CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Canadian Wildlife 2021 Calendar; ‘Reflections of Nature’ in Canada

Canadian Freebies Free Canadian Wildlife 2021 Calendar Reflections of Nature in Canada - Glossense

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The Canadian Wildlife Federation invites you to request your free 2021 Calendar!

Sign-up to request yours, and you can enjoy “a full year of stunning photography featuring photos from the Canadian Wildlife Federation Reflections of Nature’ photography contest”.

“Sign up and request your calendar today!

The Canadian Wildlife Federation calendar is a great example of what CWF is all about: nature enthusiasts and supporters of wildlife coming together to promote the beauty and importance of Canadian wildlife and their precious habitats.

When you receive your calendar, we hope you will display it proudly! Not only are you showing your support for Canada’s wildlife, but you are helping spread the word about the need for wildlife and habitat conservation.

Quantities are limited and registration closes November 30, 2020.”