AWAKE BEAUTY CANADA IS HERE; Tarte Cosmetics New Sister Skincare Brand

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Introducing… Awake Beauty!

“Awake utilizes cutting edge Japanese technology to harness the energizing powers of plant antioxidants to revive, restore, and regenerate your skin.”

“You can’t always get a good night’s sleep, but your skin doesn’t need to show it. Full of natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients, Awake is beauty sleep in a bottle that’s meant to optimize your routine & help your skin reach it’s true potential (in no time at all!).”

While it’s ‘new’ to many of us, you’ll be surprised to learn that it’s not all that ‘new’. Awake Beauty’s initial launch was in 1995! 😮

Maureen Kelly, the founder of Tarte Cosmetics, launched next to Awake in New York over 17 years ago. With great love for the Japanese brand, Tarte was later met with fate. In 2014, Awake became their sister brand, but in recent years, they realized that they needed to rebrand. New York was met with Tokyo; Both teams united to address the concerns of their customers across the globe… and here we are!

Awake appears to operate similarly to Tarte Cosmetics; Its website feels ‘familiar’ with its structure very much like Tarte’s, its products bear a Tarte-like quality in appearance, Awake ships to Canada at a cost of $7.95 CAD, shipping is free with all orders of $50 CAD or more, and all samples are $1 CAD each.

Without further ado, go on… stop ‘listening’ to me, and go check out Awake, lol. 😉

Click here to shop Awake Beauty Canada.


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