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Sephora Canada Beauty Insider Rewards Program Updated Makeover August 2018 - GlossenseSephora’s Beauty Insider Program has gotten a makeover!

“It’s the rewards program that’s got it all, and now it’s even better.”

Personally, I’d say the update is a mixed bag; Some highs, some questionable lows. Is it all that and a bag of chips? No. But, I’m here for the positives and I look forward to hopefully seeing greater change in the future.

So, let’s recap the program as a whole and then we’ll get into further details. 😉

Here’s what you can expect:


Sephora Canada Beauty Insider VIB Rouge Canadian Rewards Program - Glossense

All Beauty Insiders, VIB’s and Rouge Members, can still enjoy all of the same benefits that you have today. 🙂

Sephora Canada Rewards Bazaar Free Canadian Stuff Freebies - Glossense

The Rewards Bazaar remains in effect and its schedule is unchanged; Every Tuesday and Thursday you can expect new rewards to drop!

“Use your Beauty Insider points to redeem one-of-a-kind experiences, personalized services, and coveted sample rewards.”

Click here to browse Sephora’s Rewards Bazaar.

Sephora Canada Free Birthday Gift Canadian Freebies 2018 - Glossense

All Beauty Insiders can continue to enjoy a free gift on their birthday. For the remainder of 2018’s calendar year, this year’s gift options include:

“** All Beauty Insiders are eligible to redeem one birthday gift per year during the month of their birthday. To redeem in Sephora or Sephora inside JCPenney stores, provide a Cast Member with your registered Beauty Insider email address. No purchase is necessary when redeeming your gift in store. To redeem online, a merchandise purchase is required and the gift will be available at checkout. Offer not valid on Sephora on Jack Black Moisturizer and Cleanser Set is available only on If it is your birthday month and you are having problems redeeming your gift online, please call customer service at 877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672). Substitutions may occur. Valid while supplies last. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.”

So, what’s changed?

More points per dollar spent, more choice on your birthday, and more rewards!

Sounds great, right? It is! 🙂 Though, I’ve also highlighted the questionable lows in red below.

I’ll add, 2,500 is quite a steep sum of points in exchange for a $100 credit (more info on that below). Many of the 100 point perks alone are worth $5 or more. 2,500 points can earn you 25 100-pt rewards. That’s a value of at least $125!

One of my latest redemptions included a Nest ‘Cocoa Woods’ rollerball perfume (Love it!!) for only 100 points. The full Nest Collection retails for $53 + tax. One rollerball has a value of $8.56.

The Cover FX Enhancer Drops mini for only 100 points has a value of $10.97.

The Tom Ford mini lipstick in ‘Indian Rose’ that was once available for only 100 points, has a value of $26.72!

So, is 2,500 points in exchange for only $100 worth it to me? No. But, it may be to you. 🙂

Now, let’s get into details of the changes!

As quoted by a mod in Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community:


“Beauty Insider Program Updates FAQS

We are updating the Beauty Insider program with exciting changes that include:

  • More Points – VIB and Rouge now earn points faster. VIB members earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent and Rouge members earn 1.5 points for every dollar spent. (Insider members continue to earn 1 point for every dollar spent.)
  • More Choice – VIB and Rouge can now choose between a birthday gift from our brands or 250 bonus points
  • More Rewards – 5X More Rewards including our newest rewards: $100 Rouge Reward for Rouge and full size product for VIB and Rouge

In addition to these new benefits you will continue to have all the great benefits you have today; exclusive access to brands and events, unique experiences, classes, the BI Community. This is a 1st step in a multi-year journey. We are going to continue to listen to your feedback and look forward to building on this program in the future.

Can I get a sneak peek at the new benefits?

Sure! Here are the new benefits by tier:

Sephora Canada Rewards Bazaar Canadian Freebies Perks Samples Redemptions Beauty Insider Benefits August 2018 - Glossense

More Points

How can I earn more points?
Rouge members will start earning 1.5 points for every dollar spent and VIB members will start to earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent.  Insider members will continue to earn 1 point for every dollar

More Choice

What new choices do I have in the Beauty Insider program?
VIB and Rouge members are now eligible to choose between a Birthday Gift or 250 bonus points! All clients will also have more rewards to choose from in the Rewards Bazaar.

More Rewards

Full Size:

How can I use my points to redeem full size products?
Each month, we will release 2-3 full size products from our favorite brands in the Rewards Bazaar. VIB and Rouge will have access to redeem their points for these products while supplies last.

Rouge Reward:

What is a Rouge Reward and who can use one?
A Rouge Reward is a non-transferable $100 reward available to Rouge members in exchange for redemption of 2,500 Beauty Insider points, while supplies last on a first-come-first-served basis.  A $100 Rouge Reward then can be used online or in store for the purchase of merchandise only.  Merchandise does not include e-gift cards, gift cards, a FLASH Shipping subscription, a Play! Subscription, taxes or shipping.  Employees of Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenney, and JCPenney are not eligible to redeem points for Rouge Rewards. Rouge Rewards expire 90 calendar days after the email confirmation date (details below).

How do I redeem a Rouge Reward?
Starting on August 28th, the $100 Rouge Reward will be available in the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday in limited quantities while supplies last. Rewards go live at 9am Pacific Time. Rouge Reward may sell out but more will become available each Tuesday and Thursday at 9am Pacific Time.

Where and how can I use my Rouge Reward?
A Rouge Reward can be used online and at Sephora stores in the US and Canada to purchase merchandise. A Rouge Reward cannot be used in Puerto Rico stores, at Sephora inside JCPenney stores or at

Can I use my Rouge Reward in multiple transactions?
The Rouge Reward can only be redeemed once. The full $100 amount must be used in a single transaction; any remaining value will not be reimbursed.

How quickly will I receive and be able to use my Rouge Reward after I redeem points for it?
After you redeem points for a Rouge Reward in the Rewards Bazaar, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours that will provide a link to generate a code and instructions on how to use the code to purchase merchandise. The code, once received via the link, is immediately available for use. The code can be viewed multiple times from the same confirmation email, but the code will expire after 90 days from the date of the email.

Can I use my Rouge Reward in conjunction with promotional discounts or codes?
A Rouge Reward cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional discounts or codes.

Can my Rouge Reward Expire?
Yes. The Rouge Reward code expires 90 days after the date of the confirmation email containing the link used to generate the code.  If the $100 value is not used during this period it will be forfeited.

Additional Program Questions:

Do Rouge members still receive free Custom Makeovers?
Rouge members still receive free custom makeovers with no minimum purchase for the remainder of 2018. Don’t forget, all Beauty Insider members receive free 45-minute custom makeovers when you spend $50 or more. An appointment is required for all custom makeovers, visit make an appointment.

What is my shipping benefit as a Rouge member in Canada?
As a Rouge member in Canada, you will continue to receive free standard shipping. No minimum purchase is required.

Is the Rouge Private Hotline still available to Rouge members?
Yes, Rouge members still get a dedicated private hotline. Please call 1-855-55-ROUGE to speak with a Beauty Advisor.

Where can I go to find all of my Beauty Insider account information?
Starting on August 15th you will see a new version of your Beauty Insider profile that will be your destination for everything Beauty Insider related. You can view your year-to-date activity and your current points balance, redeem rewards and gifts and learn about your Beauty Insider benefits.

When will these changes go in to effect?
You will start to see some changes on August 15th and updates will continue through the end of the month.”

In addition to the above, here’s a couple more Q’s that were expanded upon just yesterday (August 23rd, 2018) within the Beauty Insider Community.

It’s stated that:

“Rouge members still receive free custom makeovers with no minimum purchase for the remainder of 2018.”

…which, has Rouge members wondering: Will free makeovers continue into 2019? We’ve been assured by a BIC mod: Yes! 🙂

Sephora Canada Beauty Insider Rewards Program Makeover Question Answer - Glossense


“So the Canadian VIB Rouge members do not get Free Customer 45-min Makeovers anymore after December 2018?!”


“You will continue to have all the great benefits you have today. These are just added bonuses to the current program.”

Also, how will returns affect our points balance?

Sephora Canada Beauty Insider Rewards Program Refund Question Answer - Glossense

“Assuming I purchased a $10 product and earned 10 points before 8/15, but I do not like it and plan to return it after 8/15. How many points will be paid back to the returned product? 10 or 15 points?”

You can rest easy to know that returns will have zero impact on your points balance given the new changes. 🙂

“It would be the same as it currently is on returns. The amount of points rewarded would be deducted if you return the item.”

And, that’s it! 🙂

Glossense wants to know!

What are your thoughts? Excited? Have any questions that remain unanswered? Let us know in the comments! <3
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