BOXYCHARM CANADA: BoxyLuxe Launches Tomorrow, September 1, 2018 + Important Info Recap; Everything you need to know!

The moment that many of us have been anticipating is here!

…BoxyLuxe launches tomorrow! 😀

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So, let’s recap! Here’s everything that you need and want to know, to be prepared. 🙂

What’s BoxyLuxe and what should you expect?

Think of BoxyLuxe as an expansion pack. All BoxyCharm subscribers will receive 4-6 items. But! With BoxyLuxe, your quarterly box will be 2X the size and will include up to 10 full-size items with a total value of over $300! 😮 BoxyLuxe also intends to include more than just beauty; You’ll receive luxury skincare and lifestyle products, too!

What will it cost?

All BoxyCharm Subscribers: The regular monthly cost is $21 USD + $5 USD to ship to Canada. In Canadian dollars, the total cost currently is roughly $34.21 CAD*.

As a BoxyLuxe Subscriber: Subscribers will pay $28.99 USD, in addition to their existing BoxyCharm subscription, for a total of $49.99 USD, every 3 months. If you choose to upgrade, you will also be billed an additional $3 USD (for a total of $8 USD) to cover the cost of shipping to Canada. In Canadian dollars, the total cost currently is roughly $76.30 CAD*.

*** Note that your bank may issue an additional 3% fee to convert our dollar upon payment. Reflective of such, as a BoxyCharm subscriber, your total cost will be approx. $35.62 CAD and as a BoxyLuxe subscriber, your total cost will be approx. $79.44 CAD.

Payment Schedule:

• September 1st: Your choice of BoxyCharm ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping) or BoxyLuxe ($49.99 USD + $8 USD shipping)
• October 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
• November 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
• December 1st: Your choice of BoxyCharm ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping) or BoxyLuxe ($49.99 USD + $8 USD shipping)
• January 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
• February 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
March 1st: Your choice of BoxyCharm ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping) or BoxyLuxe ($49.99 USD + $8 USD shipping)
• April 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
May 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
June 1st: Your choice of BoxyCharm ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping) or BoxyLuxe ($49.99 USD + $8 USD shipping)
• July 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)
• August 1st: BoxyCharm only ($21 USD + $5 USD shipping)


  • BoxyLuxe is exclusive and only available to BoxyCharm subscribers. Not yet a subscriber? Click here to join!
  • BoxyLuxe launches TOMORROW: September 1, 2018 at 9am EST.
  • Limited quantities available. Act fast when BoxyLuxe goes live!
  • You’ll be notified by e-mail with a link to upgrade.
  • *** Those who signed up to the interest list will receive advance notice!

“Be the first to discover when BoxyLuxe will be available by signing up below.” 

  • Everyone who’s a registered BoxyCharm member will have the opportunity to upgrade. Click here to subscribe to BoxyCharm.
  • New BoxyCharm subscribers will also receive a FREE MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Blush upon sign-up with my referral link. 😉 (While quantities last)
  • You will need to be logged into your BoxyCharm account to upgrade; Ensure that you’re able to login to your account prior to launch.
  • Ensure ALL of your credit card info is accurate and up-to-date; If payment fails, you’ll no longer be eligible.
  • On September 1st, you will be billed TWICE (once each, separately):
    • 1.  For your usual BoxyCharm subscription, whether you’re a month-to-month subscriber, every 3 months, 6 months or yearly.
    • 2. For BoxyLuxe as a secondary charge for $28.99 USD. BoxyLuxe is being treated as a separate subscription. If you decide to remain a Luxe subscriber, you will be billed every 3 months. This charge will always be separate from your BoxyCharm billing.
  • You’ll only be charged once confirmation of your upgrade is received by e-mail.
  • In the event that BoxyLuxe sells out, you’ll be added to a waitlist for December 2018.
  • You can cancel BoxyLuxe and revert back to a regular BoxyCharm subscription at any time.
  • You can only sign up to one, or the other – not both. Meaning, you’ll have to choose: BoxyCharm or BoxyLuxe. You’ll only receive ONE box.
  • If you choose to subscribe to BoxyLuxe, you’ll receive one BIG box, every 3 months, that will contain it all!
  • Sneak-peeks will be revealed throughout social media. If a sneak-peek is disclosed, it will be contained in all boxes.
    • BoxyCharmers will receive the revealed sneak-peek items + undisclosed variations.
    • BoxyLuxers will receive the revealed sneak-peek items + Luxe items. The variations that Charmers receive will not be included.
  • A total of 4 BoxyCharm items will be included in BoxyLuxe.
  • There’ll be a total of 11 items in September’s Luxe box!
  • Click here to view all BoxyLuxe spoilers! 😀

Tell me more about BoxyCharm!

Each month, every BoxyCharm subscriber receives a box of 4-6 items that includes a random mix of beauty items; You can expect make-up, skin care goodies, brushes, tools and more! The items that are included in each box are FULL SIZE ( 😮 ) and the total contents of each box is valued anywhere from $100 to $200, and sometimes more! Your monthly cost? Only $21 USD + $5 USD to ship within Canada. You can alternatively choose to subscribe to a 3, 6 or 12 month plan to save a bit more. Not too bad, eh? 😉

Upon subscribing, a waitlist may be pending. Sign-up today to save your spot! If quantities remain, the first box that you’ll receive is August’s. Otherwise, all new subscribers should receive September’s and hopefully with the chance to upgrade. 🙂

Click here to subscribe to BoxyCharm Canada.

Looking for more info?
Click here for full BoxyLuxe FAQ’s.

And, that’s it! To all who are interested in upgrading, I wish you the best of luck! <3

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