CANADA POST: Free Shipping Tuesdays Returns! | Throughout October 2018 – Canadian Addresses Only

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Canada Post’s ‘Free Shipping Tuesdays’ returns!

Own an Etsy shop? Sell and trade online? Perhaps you’re getting ready for the upcoming Christmas season and you enjoy a head-start on shipping. October’s a great time to ship!

It’s back and as epic as ever!

Free shipping Tuesdays are back – and as epic as ever! Members of Canada Post Solutions for Small Business™ program can ship for free every Tuesday in October.

All you have to do is sign in to our simple online shipping tool, Canada Post Snap Ship™. Then send a package (up to 5 kg) for free anywhere in Canada using our Xpresspost™ or Expedited Parcel™ service using a unique promo code every Tuesday in October. We’ll even come pick up your package for free!¹ It’s that easy – and it’s how we’re thanking Solutions for Small Business members.

The best part? There are 5 Tuesdays this October! Not yet a Solutions for Small Business member? Sign up now – it’s fast and free. Remember to come back every Tuesday in October for your free shipment.”

Have questions? Click below to view all FAQ’s as quoted by Canada Post:

“Q. Do I have to be a member of Canada Post Solutions for Small Business?
Yes. Use your Solutions for Small Business customer number to sign in to Snap Ship. If you are not yet a member, sign up now – it’s free. If you have a card, but never created an online account, please do so now. In addition to Free Shipping Tuesdays, you get everyday discounts on marketing and shipping.
Q. Is there a weight restriction on my parcel size?
Yes. Free shipments have a limit of an actual or volumetric weight of five kilograms. Shipments that exceed this maximum weight will be charged for the extra weight using your Solutions for Small Business account savings level rate.
Q. Why am I getting an error message when signing into Snap Ship, even though I signed in with my username and password?

This may be due to:

  1. You used an incorrect username and/or password. Try again or, if you have forgotten them, follow the instructions on the sign in page to reset them.
  2. Snap Ship and Free Shipping Tuesday promotional codes are not available to Canada Post customers who have an active parcel agreement with Canada Post.
  3. A compatibility issue can arise if you also have a FlexDelivery™, epost™, or an old or incomplete Canada Post online profile. In this situation, call 1-877-262-5762.
Q.When I try to create an online Solutions for Small Business username and password, I see a message saying that my email is already in use. What should I do?
You may have used the email for a different Canada Post account. Please use a different email address to create your Solutions for Small Business username and password.
Q. I am signed into the shipping tool: how do I apply the promo code?
The promo code can be entered on the Snap Ship payment page, in the right hand “Order summary” column. If there is no space to enter a promo code, you have signed in with the wrong type of account. Check that you signed into Snap Ship with a Solutions for Small Business username and password.
Q. What shipping services can I use?
Both Xpresspost and Expedited Parcel qualify for Free Shipping Tuesday. Any other services, including options like Signature, are excluded from this offer and will create additional costs.
Q. Why do I need to enter a valid credit card number if the shipment is free?
A valid credit card number must be entered in order to create a shipping label. Additional charges may apply during the verification process (for example, if you request Proof of identity or your parcel is more than 5 kg) and will be processed on the credit card provided.
Q. Why can’t I get my free shipment using my Visa Debit card?
Our system is unable to process Visa Debit cards. You need to enter a standard credit card to be able to use your Free Shipping Tuesday promo code.
Q. Why am I seeing a charge on my credit card account?
If your parcel weighs more than 5 kg, or the volumetric weight equivalent of the package causes it to be rated at more than 5 kg, you are charged for the additional weight. You are also charged if you add any options, such as extra liability coverage or signature, to the shipment.
Q. Can I send my item outside of Canada?
No. Free Shipping Tuesday items must be sent within Canada.
Q. I don’t have a printer, can my local post office print my Free Shipping Tuesday label?
Yes, your email receipt will have a code that the retail agent can scan from your smartphone or tablet and print the label for you when you bring your parcel to the counter.
Q.Do I have to get my shipment into the mail on Tuesday?
No. You must create the shipment on a Free Shipping Tuesday, but you can deposit it in a postal box or at a postal outlet on another day.
Q. Why wasn’t I offered Parcel Pickup when I created my shipment in Snap Ship?
The service is not available in some areas. Check if it is available at your address.
Q.Can I get free parcel pickup on a day other than Tuesday?
Yes. On Free Shipping Tuesday, you can pick any of the days that the Parcel Pickup calendar shows as available for pickup. But remember, your label must be created on Free Shipping Tuesday, using your promo code.
Q. I just cancelled a label and now I can’t create a new one. How can I create a new label?
Promo codes can only be applied once. If you cancel your label, you will not be able to use today’s promo code for a new label.
Q. My item did not arrive by the expected delivery date, can I get a refund for a failed delivery service?
Because you were not charged to send the package, you will not get a postage refund. We will only refund for the value of the lost or damaged items, up to the insured amount (there is a default $100 insurance).
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