SEPHORA CANADA: Weekly Wow deals ceases for Canadians in November. :(

Sephora’s samples with orders are reduced from 3 to 2.

Ebates decreases to its lowest ever cash back return at 1%.

And now…

Sephora Canada Canadian Where is What happened to Weekly Wow deals No longer available November 2018 - Glossense

Featured in Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community.

“For the month of November Weekly Wow program will only be offered in the US (online and in-store).”

…For the entire month of November, Sephora’s Weekly Wow deals will no longer be available to us Canadians. 😮

How to feel? GG84 from Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community said it best:

“When you give a kid a cookie every week on the same day the kid comes to expect the cookie. Then you break the cookie in half…a mild temper tantrum starts. Then you take the cookie away completely – that kid is wailing on the floor. You keep taking our damn cookies.”

@Sephora, we want our cookies back. 🙁

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One thought on “SEPHORA CANADA: Weekly Wow deals ceases for Canadians in November. :(

  1. Riri says:

    Well I am glad that someone else noticed the ebates and samples decrease. We had our cookies and candy taken away. Did Jimmy Kimmel put them up to this?

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