SEPHORA CANADA: You can now combine promo codes; Rouge Reward, select Canadian Beauty Offers & more to come! | January 16, 2019

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All Beauty Insiders can now combine select Sephora Beauty Offers and promotional codes! Yay! 😀

As stated in Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community:

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“Attention Sephora Shoppers!

You may have noticed that, while checking out on, you can now see multiple promo code fields. This is not a glitch, we are beginning to introduce functionality that will allow certain promotions to be combined.

We are so excited to start testing this new functionality and Wednesday, 1/16/2019, is the first day this will be live on Not all promotions will be combinable and each promotion will have different rules, including whether or not it can be combined with other promotions.  

To learn more about how promotions can be combined, please visit our FAQs here:

For those who were up late last night, you may have noticed that your Beauty Insider points were reduced to 0, along with a prompt to ‘Join Beauty Insider’. Not to worry! Everyone’s points have been reinstated. 😀

All BI accounts were temporarily unreachable as a result of Sephora’s latest update…

…The NEW opportunity to combine multiple promo codes! 😀

As of today, if you’re the proud owner (or future owner) of a $100 Rouge Reward, you should now be able to add and combine a Gift with Purchase (GWP) Beauty Offer promo code, with your Rouge Reward code.

How do I add more than one promo code to my order?

  1. At checkout, enter a promo or reward code and click ‘APPLY’.
  2. Repeat; Enter your alternate secondary code and click ‘APPLY’.
  3. That’s it! 🙂

Currently, GWP Beauty Offers cannot be stacked upon other GWP Beauty Offers, but as time progresses, this may change.

Glossense will keep you updated! <3

Click below for a complete list of FAQs. 🙂

FAQs on Combining Promotion Codes

We are always aiming to improve our client experience.  As such, starting Wednesday 1/16/2019, you may notice that once you enter a promotion code, the promotion code field does not disappear. This is due to new functionality that we are testing that will allow some promotions to be combined.

To learn more about how promotions can be combined, please read the FAQs below.

When can I start combining multiple promotion codes? 

We are going to begin testing on 1/16/2019. For starters, you will be able to use your Rouge Reward in addition to a Beauty Offer promo. To learn more about Rouge Reward, please visit this link:

How do I find out if my promotion code can be combined with another promo code? 

Not all promotion codes can be combined and different rules will apply to each individual promotion. The disclaimers per promotion will state details on whether or not each promotion can be combined with others.

How do I find out about current promotions? 

Occasionally offers promotions through e-mails, push notifications and banners in our App or site. As a Beauty Insider, be sure to subscribe to emails and download our App so you can receive special offers. 

 I see “The Promotion cannot be applied as the limit on the number of promotions of this type has been reached” message – what’s going on?   

If you are seeing the above error message, the promotion you are entering is not combinable with the promotion you have already entered. Note: you can only use one Rouge Reward at a time.

 I see “Promotion cannot be used with the other promotion” message – what’s going on? 

If you see the above error, the promotion you are entering is not combinable with the promotion you have already entered.”

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