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Too Faced Cosmetics’ NEW 2019 holiday collection is looking ‘Merry and Bright’ – and it’s coming soon! 😀

…Looking for spoilers? Click below for full details! 😀

  1. Too Faced Better Than Sex Deluxe Size Mascara Mini Ornament, 5mL – $17
  2. Too Faced Damn Girl! Deluxe Size Mascara Mini Ornament, 6mL – $17
  3. Too Faced Gingerbread Sugar Kissable Body Shimmer – $42
  4. Melted Gingerbread Man Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick – $28
  5. Melted Gingerbread Girl Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick – $28

    “This limited-edition Melted Matte Lipstick is a deeper shade of red than the iconic Melted Gingerbread Man. The gingerbread-scented Melted Matte formula you love glides over lips like a gloss but dries to an ultra-matte opaque finish for color that always looks rich, full, and kissable with a gingerbread scent.”

  6. Too Faced Better Not Pout, But If You Do Keep It Glossy – $33
    • Peppermint Bark
    • Eggnog
    • Spice Cake
    • Sugar Plum

      “This set includes four [0.48 oz/ 0.12 mL] deluxe Rich & Dazzling High-Shine Sparkling Lip Gloss shades in delicious limited-edition Christmas shades. Each gloss contains a nourishing blend of natural oils and smells like a different Christmas treat.”

  7. Too Faced Gingerbread Bronzed & Kissed – $49

    “This limited-edition Gingerbread Tan Bronzer and Peach Kiss Matte Lipstick both smell like a Christmas cookie and come with the most covetable Gingerbread Man makeup bag.”

  8. Too Faced I Want Sex & Peaches Value Set – $59
    • Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette
    • Shadow Insurance – 0.35oz / 10.35mL
    • Better Than Sex Mascara – 0.27oz / 7.98mL
  9. Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Palette – $34

“This limited-edition palette is hot buttered rum-scented and has eight rich, coppery neutrals. The eye shadows are high-pigment, offering true color payoff with a silky-smooth formula that blends effortlessly.”

Palette Contains:
‘Whipped Cream’ (frosted pearl), ‘Bottoms Up’ (matte latte), ‘Born to Rum’ (metallic copper), ‘Spiked’ (brown with gold sparkle), ‘Vanilla Extra’ (matte warm cream), ‘Warm & Fuzzy’ (metallic champagne), ‘Sin-Ammon’ (matte auburn brown), ‘Buttered Rum’ (matte butterscotch)

  • 10. Too Faced Let It Snow, Girl! – $65
    • Better Than Sex Mascara – 0.17mL / 5.02mL
    • Included in Snow Girl Palette:
      • Large breakaway palette of 19 multi-finish eyeshadows
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Chocolate Wasted’ (dark chocolate brown), ‘Turtle Dove’ (bone), ‘Blissmass’ (opal blue shift), ‘Break The Ice’ (warm silver metallic), ‘Toff Cookie’ (mauve brown), ‘Sugar Show’ (purple with lavender and blue shimmer), ‘Tiny Prancer’ (rose gold pink), ‘Cookies Served’ (pecan brown), ‘Cookie Butter’ (cream with pink undertone), ‘Treat Yo Elf’ (green with yellow gold pearl), ‘Obvious-Sleigh’ (muted red brown), ‘Fine Cone’ (soft yellow brown), ‘Gimme Cookies’ (metallic chocolate brown with yellow gold shimmer), ‘Snow Glowbe’ (silver and purple pink glitter), ‘Crumb Luck’ (soft beige with pink undertone), ‘Resting Wish Face’ (deep purple pink), ‘Jolly Gosh’ (warm chocolate metallic), ‘Let It Shimmer’ (metallic champagne w/ gold undertone), ‘Slay Bells’ (warm orange gold), ‘Black’ (black)
      • Medium breakaway palette of 4 blush colours
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Snow Kissed’ (soft dusty pink blush), ‘Pink Christmas’ (bright pink blush), ‘Merry and Bright’ (peachy coral blush), ‘Christmas Dream’ (rosy plum blush)
      • Small breakaway palette with a bronzer and highlighter
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Chocolate Soleil Bronzer’ (matte chocolate brown), ‘Angel Wings’ (champagne highlighter)

“An 18-pan eye shadow palette full of warm, spicy colors inspired by the rich flavors and colors of fresh-baked Christmas treats.”

Palette Contains:
18 x 0.43oz / 12.19g Eyeshadows in ‘Vanilla Wafers’ (matte cream), ‘Cookie Cutter’ (soft peach gold), ‘Soft and Sweet’ (matte soft pink brown), ‘For the Graham’ (matte peachy brown), ‘In a Pinch’ (matte deep pumpkin), ‘Drizzle It’ (burnt rose gold), ‘Lick the Spoon’ (pink gold with silver pearl), ‘Spicy Mami’ (orange copper glitter), ‘Extra Spicy’ (matte red orange), ‘Half Baked’ (mustard brown metallic), ‘Butterscotch’ (matte mustard yellow), ‘Cookie Call’ (matte mahogany), ‘Plenty of Dough’ (soft peach), ‘Candy Queen’ (yellow brown with gold pearl), ‘Gingerbread Glam’ (rustic brown), ‘Hot Tamale’ (soft ruby pink), ‘Cinna-Moan’ (matte brick brown), ‘Midnight Snack’ (deep blue with icy blue/silver sparkle)

  • 12. Too Faced Christmas Cookie House Party – $75
    • Included in the set:
      • Large breakaway palette of 20 multi-finish eyeshadows
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Snow Fake’ (iridescent cream with pink and gold sparkle), ‘Sled No One Ever’ (matte taupe mauve), ‘Santa’s Favorite’ (fuchsia gold shift), ‘That’s My Jam’ (matte violet), ‘Cream Filling’ (matte cream), ‘Icing On Top’ (metallic champagne with gold undertone), ‘Nooks and Cranberries’ (matte cranberry), ‘Ginger Bells’ (matte vibrant peach), ‘I Love Yule’ (rose gold shimmer), ‘Tinsel Town’ (lilac aqua shift), ‘Cinnamagic’ (metallic copper), ‘Secret Santa’ (matte sable brown), ‘Oh, Snap!’ (matte chocolate brown), ‘Don’t Hate, Decorate!’ (metallic lavender brown), ‘Get Elfed Up’ (metallic green gold shift), What A Batch (matte soft brown), Drink Up, Grinches (deep teal shift), Kiss and Caramel (shimmering gold), Hot and Coal (black with blue and gold sparkle), Easy Bake Lovin’ (metallic bronze)
      • Medium breakaway palette of 6 glitter and matte eyeshadows
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Frost Yourselves’ (silver champagne glitter), ‘Miss Kringle’ (soft gold glitter), ‘Snow Pink’ (rose gold glitter), ‘All My Wishes’ (bronze glitter), ‘On a Roll’ (matte taupe), ‘Can’t Catch Me’ (matte espresso),
      • Small breakaway palette of 3 face products
        • Palette Contains:
          ‘Get Frosted’ (peachy gold shift), ‘Daydreamer’ (soft matte rose), ‘Extra Toasty’ (matte milk chocolate)
      • Deluxe Melted Matte Gingerbread Man Liquified Lipstick – 3mL
      • Shadow Insurance 24 Hour Eye Shadow Primer – 0.35oz / 10.4mL
      • Better Than Sex Mascara – 0.27mL / 8mL

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