PAT MCGRATH LABS CANADA: Score a Full-size LuxeTrance Lipstick for ONLY $9.06 CAD! | HOT Canadian 2019 Cyber Monday Deal

Pat McGrath Labs Canada Score a Full-size LuxeTrance Lipstick for ONLY 9.06 CAD! HOT Canadian 2019 Cyber Monday Deal - Glossense


Score a Pat McGrath full-size LuxeTrance Lipstick for ONLY $9.06 CAD! 😮 😀

How? Read on!

THE SALE: As a Cyber Monday exclusive, Pat McGrath has lowered her lipsticks from $53 CAD to only $14 CAD each. 😮

THE CODE: Paired with promo code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout, and you’ll save an extra 30% off! 😮

THE CASH BACK: Set this deal on fire with 4% FREE cash back from Rakuten US! 4% on the subtotal of one lipstick = 56¢ USD. That’s approximately 74¢ CAD. 😮

THE MATH: $14 x 0.70 = $9.80 – 0.74 = ONLY $9.06 CAD! 😀

…Plus! Free shipping, and zero tax, duties or customs under $20.

THE SAVINGS: You save a grand total of $43.94 + your provincial tax PER lipstick. 😮

Ends today! Go, go, go!

MANY thanks to Priscilla for alerting me to the news of the sale! 😀

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★ Free shipping with every order!
★ Low taxes & no extra fees!

“The total amount you pay includes all applicable customs duties & taxes. [Pat McGrath Labs] guarantees no additional charges on delivery.”

★ Earn 4% USD cash back with Rakuten US!

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