PC INSIDERS SUBSCRIBERS: Check E-mail & Get Your Additional 3 Months Free! | Canadian Deals, in Response to COVID-19

PC Insiders Subscribers Check E-mail Get Your Additional 3 Months Free Canadian Deals in Response to COVID-19 - Glossense

Attention all current PC Insiders subscribers:

Check your e-mail! 

In light of COVID-19, and as a way to say ‘thank you’ to their loyal annual subscribers, PC Insiders is offering 3 months FREE! 😀

NOTE: This offer is ONLY available to existing PC Insiders with a current annual subscription, and ONLY to those who respond to the e-mail by clicking ‘Accept offer’ by April 26, 2020. Don’t miss out!

Look for an e-mail:

From: PC Insiders | noreply@e.pcinsiders.ca

With the subject: “Get your additional 3 months free. Here’s how.”

“We understand Canadians are facing a great deal of uncertainty. As a way of saying thank you for being one of our loyal customers, we would like to offer you an additional 3 months free on your PC Insiders subscription.

If you accept this offer, we’ll add your 3 months onto the end of your subscription, meaning your new subscription renewal date will move from [EXISTING DATE] to [NEW DATE]*. If your subscription renewal date is before April 26, 2020, please contact our call centre at 1-833-724-6743 to ensure we can process this change in a timely manner.

You must accept the offer below to get your additional 3 months free. This offer is available until April 26, 2020.”

This offer is only available until April 26, 2020.

Additional Terms:

“*There is no additional PC travel services credit available during the additional 3 months for free period. However, if you haven’t used your travel credit, you will have an additional 3 months in which to use it . Offer valid until April 26, 2020. Upon activation of offer, your PC Insiders annual subscription will continue free of charge for 3 months. Subscription will automatically renew after the third free month at the then-current annual subscription rate unless you cancel by calling 1-833-724-6743 at least five (5) days before the end of your additional 3 months for free period. Additional 3 months for free offer may be extended, withdrawn, cancelled or changed without notice. PC Insiders program is subject to program terms and conditions available at pcinsiders.ca.”

PC Insiders is a paid subscription program available only to PC Optimum members.

Not yet a PC Optimum member? It’s free to join! Click here to register an account.

What are the perks?!

As a PC Insiders member, you’ll earn 200 bonus PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on all luxury beauty products, online at shoppersdrugmart.ca or at pharmaprix.ca.

Plus! FREE standard shipping (No minimum) with any order from: Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix or Joe Fresh.

And the non-beauty perks?

A FREE ‘surprise gift’ with an annual membership
★ 200 bonus PC Optimum points for every $1 spent on:

All PC Organics products
All Joe Fresh purchases (except during Blackout periods)
All PC Black Label Collection purchases
★ A
ll brands of baby diapers and formula

…at all retailers where PC Optimum is accepted.

★ Free grocery pickup with any $30 order at any participating Loblaws banner PC Express store.
Annual members only: $99 travel credit with PC Travel Services

Save 25% off an annual membership!

Interested? Become a PC Insider!

The regular cost to join is $99 for an annual membership, or $9.99/month.


Alternatively, you’re welcome to join with my unique code MG2015 or by clicking here to sign up.

By signing up through my referral, you’ll save 25% off an annual membership which = ONLY $6.18/month + You’ll get to enjoy the bonus perks as an annual member! 😀

Should you decide to join through my referral: THANK YOU!


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