SEPHORA CANADA: New Beauty Insider Program Benefits Launches May 29, 2020; Points for Cash, Updates, Changes & Canadian Rewards


Sephora Canada New Beauty Insider Program Benefits Launches May 29 2020 Points for Cash Updates Changes Canadian Rewards Loyalty - Glossense

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program is evolving!

“You know that shiny-happy, gotta-try-it feeling you get when you see
those black and white stripes? That’s how you’ll feel when you see all the new, improved, and already great benefits we have lined up for you.”

Effective tomorrow, May 29, 2020, Sephora Canada’s NEW Beauty Insider member benefits will take effect.

Plus! Throughout 2020, members can look forward to “more access to savings, more premium sampling choices than ever and new, unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else”, as the program continues to evolve. 🙂

So, what’s new?

NEW: Beauty Insider Cash | 500 Points = $10 off.

If you’ve shopped Sephora Canada over the last couple of days, you may have already noticed a NEW ‘Apply Points’ option at checkout – This, is Beauty Insider Cash.

As a Beauty Insider member, you can now redeem 500 of your points, in exchange for $10 off your purchase, instantly!

Valid online and in-store (when stores re-open).

Free standard shipping*…
…with a new lower minimum for VIB!

Insiders: Free with any $50 order.
VIB: Free with any $35 order – NEW!
Rouge: Free with any purchase. No minimum!

NEW: Points for Discount Events

Sephora will be introducing new events, giving you the opportunity to exchange your points for savings.

NEW: Point Multiplier Events

Keep an eye out for Point Multiplying Shopping Events. When in effect, each tier will have the opportunity to earn up to 4x the points for each dollar ($1) that they spend.

During Point Multiplier Events, you will earn:

Insiders: 2x the points.
VIB: 3x the points.
Rouge: 4x the points.

Experiences & Services

Sephora has 50% more experiences that “will be up for grabs this year”
“such as meet and greets, trips and more!” But, in light of COVID-19, only once it’s safe.

UPDATE | May 29, 2020: You will now also be able to redeem your points towards services, like Sephora’s Skin Fit Oxygenating Facial, within the Rewards Bazaar.

At this time, Sephora has “paused all in-person activities in response to COVID-19. Stay tuned for when we can offer them again.”

What’s staying the same?

  • Seasonal Savings – Twice a year!
    • Save 10% (Insider), 15% (VIB), or 20% (Rouge) off, during one of these bonus sale events:
      • Spring Savings Event (Date TBA in April/May)
      • Holiday Bonus Sale (Date TBA in October/November)
  • Dollar Savings Offer
    • Look for a discount at the end of the year for tier-based savings!
      • Insiders: $15 off!
      • VIB: $20 off!
      • Rouge: $25 off!
  • Beauty Offers
    Shop and add a free gift with your minimum purchase.
    Click here to view all Sephora Beauty Offer promo codes.
  • Rewards Bazaar
    Look for new rewards every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PT!
  • Free Birthday Gift!
    • Celebrate your birthday with a free gift of your choice during your birthday month.
  • Exclusive gifts for VIB & Rouge
    • Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to claim a free gift with purchase offer, from a top brand, curated by Sephora.

      (Past gifts have included 2-pc and 3-pc sets from Urban Decay, Tarte, Shiseido, Benefit Cosmetics, Living Proof, Skyn Iceland, Caudalie, and more)

  • ★ Rouge ONLY ★
    • First access to new-product launches, restocks, and more.
    • $100 Rouge Reward!
      Yes, it’s staying! You can still claim a $100 Rouge Reward in exchange for 2,500 points, within Sephora’s Rewards Bazaar, as a Rouge member. 😀
    • Exclusive Events
      “Rouge can look forward to events hosted by Sephora and [Sephora’s] fave brands, featuring special services, next-level swag, and more.”

What’s gone? What’s changed?

  • CHANGED: Instant Reward Points
    When adding items to your basket and/or checking out, you may have noticed that points are no longer being rewarded instantly. If you are 100 points away from a 500 point reward, you must first place an order of $100 or more, then place a secondary order to claim that reward. Points may now take up to 24 hours to register.
  • GONE: Tiered Bonus Point Multipliers
    • VIB will no longer receive 1.25 points for every $1 spent and…
    • Rouge will no longer receive 1.5 points for every $1 spent.
    • ALL tiers will now only receive 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • GONE: Custom Free Makeovers for Rouge
    Makeovers will transition to a paid beauty service, once it’s safe.
  • GONE: Tier Celebration Gifts
    These were retired at the end of 2019, and they won’t be returning.

…and that’s it; That’s the scoop! 🙂

Got questions?

Got feedback?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.  ❤


Stack your Sephora Canada freebies and extra savings!

★ Receive 2 free samples with your order.
★ Spend $25 or more, and add a free gift to your order.
★ NEW Promo: Spend $75 or more & save 15% off later.
★ Enjoy the perks as a Beauty Insider.
★ Sephora Beauty Insiders will earn points and can redeem for rewards.
★ Shop Sephora’s Sales’ section.
★ Beauty Insiders & VIB: Free shipping for a limited time w/ code FREESHIP.
★ Beauty Insiders: Free shipping when you spend $50 or more. A savings of $7.95!
★ VIB: Free shipping when you spend $35 or more. A savings of $7.95!
★ Rouge: Free shipping with any order!
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“How does Beauty Insider Cash work?

All members can now redeem 500 points for $10 off their purchase, in-store and online. To redeem, Beauty Insider members need to have at least 500 points in their current point bank, and their purchase must be $10 or greater. Please visit for all qualifications and exclusions.

Where can I find Beauty Insider Cash? How do I redeem?

Beauty Insider Cash can be redeemed at checkout, both in-store and online. If you forget to select Beauty Insider Cash at checkout, you will have an additional opportunity when finalizing your payment method.

Can I redeem Beauty Insider Cash multiple times within a transaction?

Members can redeem Beauty Insider Cash, 500 points for $10 off a purchase, once per transaction on qualifying purchases. Purchases must be $10 or greater.

Can I use Beauty Insider Cash with other rewards and promotions when I am shopping?

Yes, Beauty Insider Cash can be redeemed along with other rewards in the Rewards Bazaar, if you have enough points in your beauty bank. Promotions and Rewards that can be used in conjunction with Beauty Insider Cash include sample promos, credit card rewards, Rouge Reward and temporary product discounts like “oh snap”.  

If I return an item that I used Beauty Insider Cash to buy, will I be refunded for the cash/points?

Beauty Insider Cash applied to your purchase is non-refundable. If you choose to return an item where you redeemed a Beauty Insider Cash Reward, you will be refunded for the price paid after applying the $10 discount.

Can I apply Beauty Insider Cash toward an in-store makeup service?

For the health and safety of our clients and employees, we are not offering services (makeovers, skincare treatments, application) at this time. We will continue to keep our community updated on when we can safely reintroduce these experiences, and once they resume, Beauty Insider Cash can be redeemed towards paid in-store services.

I noticed I can redeem for Beauty Insider Cash right now, but the program doesn’t relaunch until 5/29. Can I redeem?

We released our Beauty Insider Cash technology earlier as a trial to identify any issues and ensure the program is ready for use by all Beauty Insiders on 5/29.  You may begin to redeem for this benefit if you are seeing it at checkout. As a reminder, to redeem Beauty Insider cash you will need 500 points in your Beauty Bank and your qualifying purchase must be $10 or greater.

How does Sephora’s Beauty Insider Cash compare to other retailers?

We know clients want access to instant savings when they earn points at Sephora and with the introduction of Beauty Insider Cash this will now be available.  We also know clients want to keep the rewards and experiences they love from Sephora, so we have increased the number of sampling choices and experiences. Sephora aims to deliver to our clients a more holistic program with a variety of rewards opportunities. These new benefits allow clients many ways to use their points.

Is Sephora ever going to offer higher cash rewards than $10 for more points like other retailers do?

With the launch of this new benefit, we have chosen to keep our Beauty Insider Cash benefit simple with a single denomination. As always, we will continue to consider all client feedback as we evolve the program in the future.  

I’m Rouge. Will I still have access to the Rouge Reward?

Yes, the Rouge Reward is still available to Rouge members, who can redeem 2,500 points for $100. Check the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM PST, while supplies last.

Will I still get a Birthday Gift?

Yes! As the benefit our members love the most, the Birthday Gift will remain a key part of the Beauty Insider program. Members have even more options to choose from. 

How do the Points for Discount Events work?

We heard from our beauty community they wanted more value throughout the year and more ways to use their points. Twice a year we will give you the option to redeem your points for a percent off your purchase. This discount will be applied instantly at checkout when you make a purchase in-store or online.

Are the Spring and Holiday Savings still happening?

Seasonal Savings will continue to happen twice a year. During these events Rouge will receive 20% off, VIB 15% off and Insiders 10% off.

Is there a limit to how many Rewards I can redeem from Rewards Bazaar?

As a member, you are free to redeem points for Rewards if you have enough points in your Beauty Bank required for the Reward. All Rewards offered through the Rewards Bazaar are available on a first-come, first served basis, and are limited to one Reward per transaction. Find more information here:

Why did you retire the tiered celebration gift? Is anything replacing it?

We are continuing to evolve the Beauty Insider program to bring our members the benefits that matter most, including more savings, more sampling choices and more experiences. With the program change, clients no longer need to opt into their tier benefit choices and instead will have automatic access to more days on discount and better reward offerings.

What kinds of experiences will be offered in the Rewards Bazaar once social distancing policies are lifted?

We’re going to continue to have one-of-a kind reward experiences in the future. We will update our Beauty Insider community when we have more details on what these experiences will be.

Will I still get the everyday, tier-based points multiplier? How can I accumulate points faster with these changes?

We will be introducing a new way for all members to earn points faster two times a year! During point multiplier events, Rouge will earn 4x the points when they shop, VIB will receive 3x the points and Insiders 2x the points. This new offering will allow you to plan your purchases to maximize the amount of points you earn. Outside of multiplier events, members will earn 1pt for $1 spent. The “everyday” multiplier will no longer be available for VIB and Rouge.

How can I use my points in the future?

As a member, you will now have access to more ways to use your points, including redeeming samples in-store or online in our Rewards Bazaar, applying your points to your purchase with Beauty Insider Cash, using your points to gain access to discounts, and so much more, throughout the year. Check the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday at 9AM PST to see what’s new!

Are points going to expire now?

Your points will not expire as long as you’re a Beauty Insider member with an active account. 

What does an “active” account mean?

Beauty Insider accounts will become inactive if there has been no spending activity or rewards redemption for at least 12 months, or if the membership has been revoked.

What are the new sampling choices?

We will be bringing Beauty Insiders expanded, exclusive access to even more premium sampling choices, trial sets and birthday gifts so you can try out more products from the brands you love.

Are any benefits going away?

We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the client experience based on what we hear from our clients. To offer more of the things our clients asked for – more access to savings, more sampling choices and new, unique experiences – we’ve retired some benefits that provided less value to our clients. To learn more specifics about our new benefits, go here:

What tiers are eligible for free shipping?

While many of our stores remain closed, we are waiving standard shipping fees for all clients with no minimum purchase requirement. When stores reopen, all Beauty Insiders will have access to free shipping. Starting on May 29th, Insiders will receive free standard shipping with a $50 minimum purchase and VIB members received free standard shipping with a $35 minimum purchase. Rouge members will still receive free standard shipping with no minimum purchase. Once you reach VIB or Rouge, the shipping benefit will automatically be applied to your purchase, no need to opt-in or select the benefit.”


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