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Canadian Freebies Free Pizza Pops Merch T-Shirts Hoodies More Pillsbury Canada Giveaway - Glossense

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Get your weird on with Pizza Pops – for free! 😀

“We’re kind of weird pizza. But weird is good.”

Pillsbury Pizza Pops is dropping free items from their new collection; T-shirts, hoodies, and various merch – Every day, now through November 16, 2020 – for free…

…but you gotta be quick!

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, I finally had luck this morning, and feel comfortable enough to share this offer with all of you. 🙂

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit
  2. You’ll see a microwave with a timer;
    • The timer counts down in hours : minutes : seconds.
    • All wait times are randomly selected; You may have to wait every 16 hours, every 5 hours, every 22 hours, etc. It’s completely random.
    • As the seconds count down, be ready!
    • “When the timer ends, the door opens to drop a free piece of clothing” from Pizza Pops’ collection.
  3. When the timer ends and the microwave door opens, claim ‘Dibs’ by pressing the button.
  4. Complete the form in full and ‘Submit’;
    • You’ll be asked for your name, e-mail address, and mailing address.
    • You’ll have 3 sizes to choose from: Small, Medium and Large.
    • You’ll be asked to confirm that you’re of age to participate.
    • Click ‘Submit’ once all steps are complete.
  5. Any luck?
    • If you’re unsuccessful;
      • You’ll receive the following message, “Just missed it! You weren’t fast enough this time. Try again at the next microwave drop.”
      • Try again! You have until the 16th. 🙂
    • If you’re successful;
      • You’ll receive the following message, “Thanks! Your info has been submitted. Your item will be shipped to you shortly.”
      • Enjoy! This offer is limited to one per person.

A few additional notes: This is my fifth day of attempts (lol), before I finally had luck. Among those 5 days, the timer has skipped, the clock has frozen, I’ve encountered server ‘time-outs’ and sizes have sold out. If you decide to try your luck: Be ready and have patience. 😉

Good luck! ❤️

“No purchase necessary. Canadian residents. 13+ excluding Quebec. Participants between ages 13-16 require parental consent. Giveaway ends November 16, 2020.”

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