CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Kraft Hazelnut Spread on World Hazelnut Day 2021 #KraftHazelnutTakeover | Kraft Canada Ubear Delivery

Kraft Canada Free Kraft Hazelnut Spread Delivery Takeover Canadian Freebies - Glossense

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February 5, 2021 is World Hazelnut Day, and Kraft Canada is spreading a bit of hazelnut love – for FREE*! ūüėÄ

As featured as an ad on Facebook:

“This Friday is World Hazelnut Day, and there‚Äôs never been a better day to try our deliciously different Hazelnut Spread.”

“Friday is World Hazelnut Day, and our bears are hitting the road to spread the word about our deliciously different Kraft Hazelnut Spread. Do you have a jar ready for the big day? #KraftHazelnutTakeover

In my search for more info, here’s what I know!

  • Kraft Canada’s social media channels haven’t revealed yet how the offer will be honoured – But, in one of their posts they ask: “Do you have a jar ready for the big day?” TIP: A UPC code may be required.
  • Through Twitter, Kraft introduces “the first delivery service run by bears”: Ubear – Coming soon!
  • Several news websites (Source:,, reveal that:
    • This offer may only be valid to Vancouver residents and…
    • Kraft’s bear mascots, Crunchy and Smoothie, “will scoot around the city handing out free jars of Kraft Hazelnut spread this Friday, February 5th”.  
  • *NOTE: Kraft’s social media channels only tease – They do not guarantee or confirm any offer. They also don’t limit this offer to Vancouver residents in their advertising (at least, not yet). 
  • Be ready on February 5, 2021!

UPDATE | February 5, 2021: Click here! ūüôā

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