SAMPLER CANADA | CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free LifeToGo Sampler Pack; Try Health & Wellness Samples | Canadian Sampling Program, April 2021

Canadian Freebies Free LifeToGo Samples April 2021 - Glossense

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Sign-up to Sampler’s LifeToGo sampling program for your chance to try FREE health and wellness products! ūüėÄ

New free samples are here, but they won’t last long!

Each month, LifeToGo gives you the chance to discover new favorites with free samples and exclusive discounts curated to your interests. Even shipping is covered on physical samples, so this unboxing experience is completely free!”

Sign-up for April’s free samples! ūüėÄ

New samples are now live for April. Upon signing up, and if you qualify, you’ll be matched with FREE products that fit your lifestyle. ūüėÄ

‚ėÖ Free samples are NOT guaranteed.¬†‚ėÖ

To enjoy free LifeToGo samples:

  1. Sign-up or log-in with the link below.
  2. Answer a few quick questions (if available).
  3. Got Matched? If you qualify for a sample offer:
    • Fill your sample pack! Select your free sample(s) from your available options.
    • Complete and/or verify your mailing address.
    • Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
  4. No luck?¬†Check back! New samples may become available at a later date, throughout the month and/or you may qualify next month.¬†ūüėČ

“If you don’t match today, not to worry! New sample offers are added every month and you will be emailed when you match with great samples.”

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