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Sampler invites you to join the Glad for Change movement; Join today and claim your free GLAD for Change Clean-Up Kit!

“Get your GLAD clean-up kit today!

Get involved in the GLAD for Change movement and join Canadians from Coast to Coast by participating in clean-ups.

Each kit contains a selection of GLAD waste bags to support your clean-up efforts as well as instructions on how to track your impact”

Sign up to see if you qualify!

  1. Click here to connect to Sampler.
  2. Answer a few quick questions (if available).
  3. If you qualify:
    • Fill your sample pack! Select your one (1) free sample from your available options.
    • Complete and/or verify your mailing address.
    • Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

★ This offer is NOT guaranteed. ★

Upon completion, and if you qualify, you’ll receive a GLAD Clean-Up Kit in the mail, for free!

While quantities last.

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