NO FRILLS CANADA GAME: Earn 1,000 Free PC Optimum Reward Points Daily by Playing Aisles of Glory Legends of the Haul + Bonus Hauler Codes | 2021 Canadian Freebies & Contest

No Frills Canada Hauler Aisles of Glory 2021 Game Free PC Optimum Points - Glossense

No Frills’ Aisles of Glory game is BACK – with free PC Optimum points & MORE ways to win! 😀

Play the game; Get the groceries. Dodge the frills. And, earn your glory. 😀

  1. Click here to play No Frills’ Aisles of Glory Legends of the Haul game or visit
  2. Sign up or log into your account.
    • New? Create your account using the same email address as the one you registered with as a PC Optimum member.
    • Verify your e-mail address; Check your inbox and click the link in your confirmation e-mail to verify your account and get hauling.
    • Enter your PC Optimum points card number.
  3. Select your Hauler.
  4. Play the game until you run out of lives.
    • BONUS:
      • Collect flyer pieces (at the end of each level) from each of the following aisles:
        • Fresh Aisle
        • Meat & Dairy Aisle
        • Pantry Aisle
        • Frozen Aisle
      • Complete all four levels to reach and unlock Legendary Hauler Mode.
      • Then, look for coins to access the arcade to maximize your points. 😉
  5. At the end of your turn, leave your mark on the leaderboard.
  6. Click next and collect your FREE PC Optimum points. 😀
    • Your high score determines your haul!
      • Get 500 free points just for playing
      • Get 750 free points when you score over 15,000
      • Get 1,000 free points when you score over 50,000
  7. Return each day and play again!
    • Play each day between 12:00:00 a.m. ET and 11:59:59 p.m. ET.
    • There is no limit to the number of times you play each day – Continue until you’re happy with your high score.
    • You can only collect points ONCE per day.
    • “All PC Optimum points collected during Game plays will be added to the respective entrant’s PC Optimum account after the Contest Period and by no later than October 4th, 2021.”


Want more than 1,000 PC Optimum points? Play to win! Score the highest, and you could be immortalized as the legendary hauler… or win the chance to earn up to 10,000,000 PC Optimum points. 😮

  • Contest Period: Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 12:00:00am (ET) to September 16, 2021 at 11:59:59pm (ET).
  • Open to: Legal residents of BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, PEI, NS, NL, and NB who are of the legal age of majority or older within their province of residence as of the start of the Contest Period. *Employees, affiliates and relations are excluded.

Click here for full contest details.


Enter Hauler codes prior to play, for a free Power Up Boost or Secret Level game advantage.

  • Stay tuned! 😉
    • This portion will be updated as bonus codes become available. Keep watch!

Click here for full Aisles of Glory Legends of the Haul Game Rules.

There are 4 Power Ups in the game and when your Hauler hits a Power Up, your Hauler gains a short-term benefit.

Power Ups include:

• Haul Magnet – For twelve seconds, Hauls near your Hauler are quickly pulled toward it
• Extra life – One extra life is awarded for your Hauler
• Triple Jump – Allows your Hauler two extra jumps while airborne, greatly improving their ability to reach high-value collectibles and avoid Frills and Obstacles
• Shopping Cart – The Shopping Cart acts as a temporary avatar replacement for your Hauler. While in this mode, running into an Obstacle or a Frill has a positive effect for your Hauler. The Hauler will receive surprise Hauls.

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