CANADIAN FREEBIES: Free Full-Size Renew Actives Vitamin C Supplement | Rebate Opportunity #Canada

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Exclusive offer for Facebook users!

Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for the chance to receive a FULL rebate (including shipping!) for a full-size 120 vegan-capsule bottle of Renew Actives’ NEW Maximum Potency Vitamin C Supplement: 1000mg Capsules – And, try it FREE! 😮 😀

Renew Actives has just launched their NEW Vitamin C Supplement on Amazon, and to celebrate, they’re giving away a limited number of bottles… and it’s LEGIT. 😀

★ Note: There is NO direct link to this offer 

The sponsored ad (pictured above) popped up in my Facebook feed; I followed all steps, and in less than 12 hours, a FULL rebate ($19.20 after tax) was deposited into my PayPal account, and at the time of this post (5:49pm EST), my Amazon order has just arrived. 😀

Look for this offer in your Facebook feed!

Should this offer pop up for you:

  1. Safety first! Ensure that the offer is associated with Renew Actives on Facebook ( ❤️
  2. To qualify, this offer MUST pop up in your Facebook feed as a Sponsored Ad; If all looks good, click on the ‘Send Message’ button below the ad.
  3. You will receive a series of private messages; READ and follow each step carefully.
  4. You’ll be required to:
    • Make a purchase on Amazon Canada ($16.99 + tax + shipping if applicable, or free shipping with a Prime account)
    • Provide your order #
    • Provide your PayPal e-mail to receive your rebate
  5. If all steps are followed carefully and accurately, you’ll receive a FULL product rebate for a FREE 120 capsule bottle of Renew Actives’ NEW Maximum Potency Vitamin C Supplement: 1000mg! 😀

If this offer doesn’t show in your Facebook feed, here’s how you can increase your chances to claim yours! 🙂

  1. You must be a registered Facebook user.
  2. Increase your chances: Click here to ‘Like’ Renew Actives on Facebook.
  3. Increase your chances: Click here to ‘Follow’ @renewactiveshealth on Instagram.
  4. Increase your chances: Visit Renew Actives Canada’s website.
  5. Increase your chances: Browse Renew Actives products online (Through Amazon and various retailers that carry Renew Actives)
  6. Scroll and refresh your Facebook feed and keep your eyes peeled for this exclusive offer to pop up! 😀

This offer is available for a limited time only, while quantities last.

Enjoy! ❤️

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