SHOPPER ARMY CANADA: New Mission; Apply to Try & Review McCain Frozen Fries & Potatoes for Free | Canadian Sampling Opportunity

New Shopper Army Mission: Apply to try McCain Frozen Fries & Potatoes – for free! 😀

Apply To Try McCain Frozen Fries & Potatoes

Below are details of the products available for this mission:

McCain Bistro Selects Sweet Potato Frites | Super Crisps Straight Cut French Fries | Savoury Potato Wedges

When you want to make your next family meal a little more special, cook up some McCain Bistro Selects™ Sweet Potato Frites. These frozen sweet potato fries are a restaurant-quality side dish sure to please everyone at your table. Made with sweet potatoes, these fries are prepared with a specially seasoned batter that will add a touch of wholesome taste to your next gathering. With no artificial flavours or colours and trans fat-free, these sweet potato oven frites make a delicious side no matter what you’re serving.

McCain 9 Minute Savoury Herb Potato Patties | Onion & Potato Patties | Savoury Frites | Potato Patties

Make breakfast time together time with McCain 9 Minute Savoury Herb Potato Patties. Ready in less than 10 minutes, these fast breakfast patties will be ready before you can say “come and get it”. Made with specially selected potatoes, just pop them into the oven and in 9 minutes they’re done. Leave them in a little longer if you want an extra crispy crunch. Pre-seasoned and ready to serve, our savoury herb flavour adds a delicious and flavourful touch to help elevate breakfast or brunch any day of the week. You can feel good about serving these hashbrowns to your family since they’re trans-fat and cholesterol free. And the best part is they require no flipping, so there’s no better breakfast patty to make the most of your morning.

McCain Superfries 5 Minute Shoestring Fries | Crinkle Cut Fries

McCain Superfries 5 minute shoestring fries are super quick and super delicious. Our original five minute fries, McCain shoestring fries are the helping hand you need to get dinner on the table in a snap. Our shoestring french fries are easy to prepare, simply layer on a baking sheet, pop them into a pre-heated oven, and in about five minutes they’ll be ready for your family to enjoy. McCain french fries are made with specially selected potatoes and are a trans-fat and cholesterol-free treat low in saturated fat. Try them for dinner tonight and you’ll know why McCain knows fries better than anyone.

McCain Savoury Homefries

Elevate mealtime with McCain Savoury Homefries. Made with real potatoes and a savoury coating, these homefries make for a delicious addition to any mealtime. McCain potato products are made with specially selected potatoes, and are trans-fat free, cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat.

McCain Straight Cut French Fries

Some days there is no getting around it – you just want delicious, crispy, easy to make french fries. When it’s one of those days, nothing satisfies your craving better than McCain straight cut french fries. McCain’s frozen french fries are made with specially selected potatoes and are a trans-fat and cholesterol-free snack that is also low in saturated fat. Pop these straight cut fries into the oven and you’ll have the whole family looking forward to dinner time.

McCain Crinkle Cut French Fries

What’s better than some crinkle cut french fries? How about a whole bag of them? These McCain crinkle cut french fries are the ideal treat that will bring fun back to your family’s mealtime. Who needs cutlery when you have these signature grooves to grab onto? Their unique shape makes these crinkle cut fries perfect for dipping into your favourite sauce or holding onto your favourite spice. Take lunch, dinner or game time to the next level with McCain crinkle cut french fries.

McCain Tasti Taters Potato Bites

When is food tasty and fun? When it’s McCain Tasti Taters potato bites. Made from real potatoes, Tasti Taters are bite-sized bits of deliciousness – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. So easy to prepare – just pop them into a pre-heated oven or toaster oven for about 25 minutes and you’ll be all set to add excitement for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Serve McCain Tasti Taters as a fast and easy dinner side dish with your family’s next meal and you’ll find out that your kids won’t be the only ones having fun.”

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