SEPHORA BEAUTY INSIDER NEWS: New Holy Grail Makeup Brand is Coming to Canada!

Sephora Canada New Holy Grail Brand is Coming to Canada - Glossense


Featured in Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community is a teaser of a new holy grail brand that will be coming to Canada! 😀 😀 😀

“Hello Canada! Sephora Canada is launching a holy grail makeup brand that all of you know and love. They are so excited to be joining the Sephora Canada family.

Can you guess which brand is coming to Sephora Canada?

(Sadly, I don’t Parlez-vous français but wanted to make sure our French-speaking Community members were included in this announcement!)

Bonjour Canada! Sephora Canada lance une marque de maquillage renommée que vous connaissez déjà et aimez tant! Ils sont extrêmement excités de se joindre à la famille Sephora Canada.

 Pouvez-vous deviner quelle marque arrive bientôt chez Sephora Canada?”

Any ideas? 😀 We’ll keep you posted as more info is released! 😀

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