GLOSSENSE NEWS: How are Sephora Canada Beauty Insider Points distributed for VIB / Rouge during bonus point multiplier (2X, 3X) promos / events? | UPDATE

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As promised, we’re back with an update!

Since the launch of Sephora’s ‘upgraded’ Beauty Insider program, we’ve seen a number of changes: Some highs, some lows, and a few uncertainties in between. As we near the end of 2018 and rapidly approach 2019, it’s likely that we’ll see even more changes that will shape the future of the program.

The newest and best highlight? An increase in points for VIB and Rouge.

Pre-August 2018, all tiers were equal; For every one dollar ($1) spent, one (1) Beauty Insider point was earned. During bonus point multiplier events, the same was true.

Post-August 2018, we saw a shift that now rightfully awards higher tiers a bonus for their loyalty:

• Beauty Insiders > $1 = 1 point
• VIB Members > $1 = 1.25 points
• Rouge Members > $1 = 1.5 points

Not bad, right? 🙂


How are Sephora Beauty Insider points distributed for VIB / Rouge during bonus point multiplier (2X, 3X) promos / events?

They aren’t. All tiers are treated equally. 😮

I shouldn’t be surprised… but, I am.

Upon contacting Sephora regarding an order where NO extra multiplier points were awarded* during their ‘3X the points on fragrance’ event, I also asked for clarity on point distribution, given the program’s makeover, as a Rouge member. To put the response that I received simply:

During ‘2X the points’ events:
Beauty Insiders / VIB / Rouge: $1 = 2 points

During ‘3X the points’ events:
Beauty Insiders / VIB / Rouge: $1 = 3 points

Despite the program’s ‘upgrade’ and shift to honour VIB’s and Rouge’s loyalty, the program regresses during their bonus point multiplier events; Zero extra ‘status points’ are awarded to VIB and Rouge.

And, there you have it.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments. <3

* I’ll add, there appears to be some kinks in the upgraded system; Keep an eye on your points during bonus point multiplier days. During their ‘3X the points on fragrance’ event, I was awarded basic points ($1 = 1 pt) + Rouge status points (0.5 extra points per dollar) and that was it. In the event that bonus multiplier points aren’t awarded, contact customer service; They kindly corrected and updated my points’ balance to reflect their ‘3X the points on fragrance’ promo. 🙂

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